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    The Sun barrels into Aries just 13 hours after the Solar Eclipse, on the afternoon of March 20th, so it’s a perfect time to begin new projects, jobs or engagements. First up for the new season is a motivated plan that will surgically strike your objective, providing you satisfaction for zoning in on your target. […]

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    Selma Brings Awareness to those Who Weren’t There

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    Fifty years ago, the march on Selma, Alabama sent ripples through the American consciousness about racial inequality and violence inflicted upon innocent black people. The original march began after a young black civil rights worker was murdered and the injustice that followed. If you ask some people, much and then again, not much has changed […]

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    Last Cusp Solar Eclipse for a While

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    The Pisces Solar Eclipse is 29 degrees, the sixth consecutive New Moon on a cusp, something rare in cosmological history, with consecutive multiple cusp New Moons occurring every 744 years. The last time we had a setup like this, it was 526 AD and from September that year, when the Autumnal Equinox was an ingress […]

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    Spock Heads Out on a Journey of an After-Lifetime

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    Star-Date 2-27-15 It’ a sad time in the Star Trek universe; we’ve lost our favorite Vulcan, Spock. You couldn’t pronounce the first name. Leonard Nimoy was a Boston-born progressive Jew of great intellect and a wide range of interest, despite the narrow range of characters he’s known for in his acting career. Born just four […]

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