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    Early morning on 4-20, the Sun settles into Taurus, sign of herbs and nature, and while we are free of the turmoil of last’s year’s Grand Cross, our ingress is marred by the misperceptions of Mercury square Jupiter, making accurate judgments difficult. Actions speak louder than words, particularly when Mars in Taurus is enhanced by […]

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    Blitzed by Pluto’s Passion

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    Jodi Arias and Aaron Hernandez were both found guilty of murder this week and when you see the charts, you can understand why. It all has to do with Pluto, planet of sex, secrets, crime, death and murder. It takes an extreme emotion to motivate someone to the point where they jeopardize their own life […]

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    Changing Times Favor Women

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    There will be more women elected to public office and women will attain higher positions on business, as this year’s US Solar Return has Venus conjoined to Jupiter on the ASC. Reparations for women began in 1984 when Geraldine Ferraro was the vice presidential candidate with Walter Mondale running against Reagan/Bush. Prominent celestial clusters for […]

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    A Couple of Creepy Capricorns Crave Control

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    With the announcement of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul declaring for presidential runs, I thought it interesting that there are now two corrupt Capricorns craving complete control. None of the other candidates are Caps, so here’s what happened. Rand Paul has Pluto inching towards his Sun and Uranus is opposing Cruz’s Moon. They are both […]

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    Reversing Polarity

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    April fourth’s Lunar Eclipse was the same degree as the US Saturn and two days before, the US and Iran reached a deal on a framework for nuclear downsizing to alleviate the crippling sanctions Iran has been burdened by for a little more than 35 years. The reason Iran has been a trouble spot is […]

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    Tallest Human Man Who Ever Lived

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    Robert Wadlow He was a gentle giant, standing at 8’11” but died at 22, never to love or know a sense of purpose, hence an unfulfilled life interrupted by death, something his Pluto on the S Node might have something to do with it. However, the aspects that led to his immense size began with […]

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