• Out of the Closet, Revelling in Rainbow Colors; That’s Freedom!

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    DADT and DOMA will soon be part of our sordid history of oppressing minorities, whether skin color, sexual persuasion, religion or other factor that distinguishes people from each other. It’s time that the phrase “…all men are created equal…” be taken literally, although it should read ‘people’ or ‘humans’ or include women with men. This is unfolding around the same time that New York announced gay marriage to be legal in their state, with Mayor Bloomberg personally presiding over the wedding of two of his gay friends. That proves he’s not a Republican! He’s too rich to be a true Democrat, which is why he’s an independent. Nearly 95% of those polled by US News and World Report say it should be repealed. Don’t Ask why they Don’t Tell us why they have been slow to move because most members of the service are secure enough to endure close quarters with those who aren’t straight. September 20, 2011 is the date on which this discriminatory policy will finally end.



    Eventually, the wars against “others” will cease and we can reclaim our complete sense of humanity by accepting every person based on their mere existence. Those who are different, in what ever way, as long as they live life without harming anyone, should be afforded every right that anyone else enjoys. Equal protection under the law and the fairness of due process allows us the freedom to face any accuser within a reasonable period of time. The constitution protects the rights of citizens, not restricting our activities, thus on many levels, DOMA violates the founding principles and is being challenged by the Fabulous State of New York.




    It’s time the Equal Rights Amendment finally got passed in a form stating that all people, of every race, color, gender, sexual preference, creed or religion have certain rights, privileges and responsibilities as participants in this fragile democracy on the verge of devolving into a fascist corporatist state. Many corporations already have their people in uniforms that identify them as members of a team, with some going so far as to program their workers into accepting less than they deserve, preventing them from unionizing through intimidation. Perhaps if everyone voted having informed opinions about the issues and candidates, we would have a more democratic process. Right now, a minority of voters chooses the candidates from a pool of many through the primary process but it takes money to get to that point as it is and not everyone who might want to can run for public office. As we have seen recently, it certainly doesn’t take knowledge of the constitution to get elected to congress.

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    1. July 28, 2011 at 5:24 pm

      I want to see world wide equal rights Bills put in place!

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