• Climate Change


    by  • August 20, 2014 • Astrology, Climate Change, History, News, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology/Sociology, Spirituality • 0 Comments

    Staggering into Virgo on the 22nd (in Pacific, Mountain and Central time zones) and the 23rd in the East is the Sun bringing back the workaholic and clean freak mentality despite the waning Moon energy falling apart. The New Moon on the 25th strengthens the forces at work with Mercury sextile Mars, adding active assertiveness […]

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    Obama’s Solar Return – President Takes on the World

    by  • August 5, 2014 • Astrology, Celebs, Climate Change, Environment, History, News, Politics • 0 Comments

    President Obama turns 53 this month, his progressed Sun is now in early Libra, square the US Venus/Jupiter, which could be why, despite doing so much good for the people of this nation, his approval ratings are under 50%. Perhaps it has something to do with the extreme polarization of the world’s people, in the […]

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    Immigration Wars

    by  • July 17, 2014 • Astrology, Climate Change, Economics, Environment, History, News, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology/Sociology • 0 Comments

    Without understanding something, there can be no acceptance and barring that, no ability to learn, grow or develop as a spiritual being. One must synthesize the disparate components that incorporate into a cohesive whole to realize what creation has wrought. In other words, you have to see what it’s made of and what it does […]

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    A Tale of Two Governors, East and West

    by  • July 16, 2014 • Astrology, Climate Change, Economics, Environment, News, Philosophy, Politics • 0 Comments

    Washington Weed in Review…Seattle in crisis as pot sells for $25 per GRAM?? Jay Inslee has done good work on behalf of climate change, gay marriage, the environment, marijuana legalization (to an extent) and many other progressive causes. He’s allied with Jerry Brown of CA (Aries), John Kitzhaber of OR (Pisces) and the Gov. Gen. […]

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    Tough Times in Thailand

    by  • June 12, 2014 • Astrology, Climate Change, Economics, Environment, History, News, Politics, Psychology/Sociology, Science • 0 Comments

    There’s been another coup in Thailand, although they are calling it martial law because the two political opponents are far apart in deciding who gets to rule the country. One side is arguing that the elected leader was wrongfully ousted while the other side is saying they need a new election because the prime minister […]

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    D-Day + 70 Minus 8 Thousand Lives

    by  • June 6, 2014 • Astrology, Climate Change, Economics, Environment, History, News, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology/Sociology, Science, Spirituality • 0 Comments

    Philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Yet most people who know of the quotes don’t even know who said them. This is the problem of America’s stupidity regarding history, philosophy and literature; most people aren’t very […]

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