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    Astrological insights into worldly events and the people that populate the planet. It's instructional, informational, inspirational and sometimes just venty. Clients alter their behavior and their lives for the better in most cases. You have to do the work; I merely point to the work to be done.

    The Solution to the World’s Problems…Food not Bombs

    by  • September 9, 2014 • Astrology, Climate Change, Economics, Environment, History, News, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology/Sociology, Science • 0 Comments

    Have you looked at the world news of late? This is what centuries of colonialism and a couple hundred years of American capitalism has created…90% of the world suffering in poverty, environmental destruction and ravaged lands and populations. For thousands of years, the world’s inhabitants had a sustainable planet on which to dwell. We grew […]

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    Sexy Times Under Mars and Saturn in Scorpio

    by  • September 7, 2014 • Astrology, News, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology/Sociology, Spirituality • 0 Comments

    Kirsten Gillibrand spoke the truth because as a Sagittarius, she is compelled to do so. Three planets, Moon, Neptune and Mercury, near the Scorpio S Node, contributed to the exposure of her sexual harassment by fellow senators and staffers, and then the trigger was pulled when Mars went over the Moon to take aim at […]

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    More Troubles With Kansas

    by  • September 7, 2014 • Astrology, History, News, Politics • 0 Comments

    Democrats have no one to run in some states, letting the Republicans and Independents duke it out. In fact, Kansas is hoping that they can defeat the three-term incumbent senator by dropping out of the race and letting the more popular and better-funded Independent run against the old man. However, the GOP is trying to […]

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